Tuesday, April 5, 2011

List Building - Building an Effective List Fast

Do you wish you had a proven strategy to build your list the quickest way possible? Are you experiencing an interminably long process in building your list through your Optin Page? If earning profit from your business is still somewhere in the distant future then you can use the Internet as a place to market your products online.

Internet marketers use article marketing and other similar methods to generate traffic and earn money online. If you are an Internet marketer, you can do this by composing an article that is related to your product or business and then providing links at the end of your article to your any or all of your business site, your own products, AdSense products, CPA leads, or affiliate items. This is a sure and tested strategy which can be used to accelerate your list building by increasing the flow of traffic to your optin page. The process can be slow and tedious, unless, you can make your articles viral.

There are proven ways to build an effective list fast:

Search for an article on the Internet that is doing well in the search engines; an article which is generating lots of traffic. Next, rewrite that article using the original keywords but rewrite it using your own style and presentation. Hopefully make an even better job of it. This will simulate the highly ranked article and eventually will let your article perform similarly.

You can also follow the link to their landing or squeeze pages and then emulate all that they are doing to generate massive traffic. The big secret of making money on the internet is to copy what successful people are already doing. Distribute your article to as many article sites as possible. There is software available to help you do this to hundreds of sites simultaneously.

Repeat the process again by selecting another top article in the same niche. If you do one a day for a month you will soon start to generate significant niche targeted traffic. Publicize your articles on Twitter and Facebook and encourage people to read them. If they like the article they will click through to your landing page and you stand a good chance of signing them up to your list.

The concept is to simulate or mimic exactly the method used by an established business by using their successful Internet marketing strategy to succeed in your own. Succeed in your list building and Optin page by using the methods used by these businesses.

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