Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Internet Marketing - The TRUTH Is Out There

I appreciate that there may be a few people Hacked off with me for writing this article. However I don't write copy to please EVERYONE. I write to help people see more clearly in this WONDERFUL online Money Making Junkyard of ours.

SO, what would you do tomorrow, if you woke up, turned your computer on and found that your entire business had been HIJACKED?

No, I'm not talking about some deadly VIRUS wiping out your hard drive... I'm talking about relying on marketing strategies that are sometimes masquerading as an actual business model...

In fact, I'm talking about:

1. Facebook Advertising

2. AdSense blog/websites

3. Twitter Marketing

4. Google PPC

5. Google SEO ranking

6. CPA (cost-per-action)

7. YouTube Marketing

You see, the big Internet Marketing LIE is, Myth even - that if you somehow get involved in the NEXT Big launch, the NEXT big hyped up Facebook product, the NEXT big Google Amazing APP...you are somehow BUILDING your Internet Marketing Business, and moving it forward...but ARE YOU?

Let's rewind for a second here..

Surely, the most reliable & long term profitable Internet Marketing business model would be:

1) Build A Massive List

2) Build A Membership Site

3) Make your own products and get an army of Affiliates to sell them


I wonder, how many people are actually moving towards achieving this...

What would happen if Facebook closed your account tomorrow? What would happen if Google changed their Algorithm thingies and your websites, BIT the DUST... What would happen if YouTube just plain old didn't like you any more and DELETED your account? Can you see where I'm going with this?

I think we can all become VICTIMS of the great Internet Marketing HYPE A Market... Relying on BS - Business Strategies which are really Marketing Gimmicks.

Every few days, a NEW super Wonder Traffic strategy is BORN... "This will absolutely 100% Change your life FOREVER" - Like HELL it Will!

Instead of us thinking that these traffic strategies are OUR business, we should be concentrating on actually building the STRUCTURES of our business, and NOT relying on Google, Facebook, Twitter or the LATEST Wonder Launches, etc, etc to BE OUR Business.

These are just things that may or may NOT help to drive Traffic...they are not our ACTUAL business.

By building a massive list, you are building a STRONG long term business, you will have people to market to, no matter what happens to Facebook & Co. By building a membership site you will be building a strong monthly income for today, tomorrow & the future... By penning your own information products and using an army of affiliates to market them for you... THEY are doing all the Facebook, Twitter, Google, strategies for YOU!

Sure, we all love the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google thingies...but these are just means to an end. If they disappear into the night one day, on the COAT TAILS of the latest Wonder Launch...it shouldn't be the END of YOU & your business!

Food for thought - or just plain SOUR Grapes...What do you think?

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My name is Keith Everett & I am an Author and an Internet Marketer from Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England.


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