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Types of Marketing Strategies for Those Thinking of Starting a Work From Home Business

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If you are thinking of starting a work from home business, or are new to Internet marketing, you need to decide what type of Internet marketing you will pursue. There are many different types to choose from. Each will have a learning curve, some longer that others. They will also require a good deal of time before you start seeing any real incoming.
Choosing the right strategy is just as important as deciding on your niche and your products or services. It is not uncommon to go through many of the strategies before finding the right one for you.
Here are a some of the more popular types of Internet marketing strategies:
Affiliate Marketing
Probably to most popular form of Internet marketing. Most of the affiliate programs are free to join, but there are some that charge a monthly fee. Be sure to do your research on the programs that you are interested in joining. Also make sure you check out their policies on payments and advertising.
With affiliate programs you will not have to have an inventory of products or pay for shipping, you represent other marketer's products. You will get a percentage of the sale price.
Some offer multi-level marketing (MLM) where you can sign people to their affiliate program under your membership, and you will get a percentage of their sales also.
Pay per click marketing is bidding on positions on search engine result pages. These are mainly text ads. These are the ads on the right side of your search results.
There is a large learning curve on this style of marketing. You have to learn how to make people want to click? on your ad with very few words. You have very limited space to convey the product.
Also, you will need to watch the amount of money you want to spend on advertisement cost, some keywords are very competitive, which means you will spend a lot of money on the ad. You may spend more money on advertising than you will make from a sale.
With this type of marketing, you will get paid for getting information, such as the prospects name and email address. Every offer is a little bit different, so check out the requirements for each offer you want to promote.
Most CPA networks will require you to have a website with a large amount of traffic, others are not so selective.
AdSense Marketing
With AdSense marketing you will need to set up a Google AdSense. Then you can build a website and promote Google AdSense ads. You make your money by people clicking on the AdSense ad. The amount paid varies per product, it could range from a few cents to over a dollar per click.
The more traffic you have to your website, the better the opportunity to get your clicks. Also, you might need to build multiple websites with this style of marketing.
Do not buy lists of e-mail addresses, they are a waste of money, and you could be turned in for spamming. You will not get any responses from purchased list, because they are usually not targeted to your niche.
Blog Marketing
Blog marketing is where you place links and banners for your affiliate programs or products. These will be placed on your sidebar or at the top or bottom of your blog. You can also use Google AdSense on your blog.
Forum Marketing
Find forums in your niche to join. Be sure to read their restriction on marketing or selling on the forum. Some will not allow any type of marketing, so stay away from those. Others will allow marketing, but only in a certain area of the forum.
There are two ways to use article marketing.
You can write articles and submit them to certain directories, if some ezine picks up your article, you will get paid for the article. You will have to search for these directories, because there are not many.
Another way is to write articles to promote your affiliate programs or products. These will be submitted to article directories, to drive traffic to your website. You will not get paid for these articles.
Video Marketing
You will be making videos, promoting affiliate program or products. You will then submit them to video sites such as YouTube or some other sites.
Web 2/Social Marketing
This is promoting your affiliate programs or products via Twitter, Facebook, or other social sites. Also, has been referred to as social bookmarking.
This is just a short overview of the different types of Internet marketing. You may end up using more than one of these strategies in your marketing campaigns. As work from home business owners, we need to figure out how we are going to promote our business. Do your research into each marketing style, to see which ones you will use.

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