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Why Human Resources is Transforming Into Humour Resources?

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Post Globalisation, HR Departments across the globe claim that they are the very foundation and only facilitators of businesses flourishing never before on the earth.
Today, recession stuck corporate world is treating their assets i.e. Human Resources, People, Employees as just like dust and shooing away from the offices with pink slips, which situation was never expected by any great Economist in the world. Almost, every Economist stopped giving their valuable opinions on the recession and economic down turn across the globe. Many global banks, Companies declared bankruptcy and most glamorous CEOs are declared as worst CEO in the wake of the performance of their banks and companies.
Then, what is the reason for this phenomenon? Who is responsible for this unexpected 9/11 twin towers kind of crumble of the economy? What is the responsibility of HR Departments in this kind of casualties of Companies? How far HR departments can avoid this kind of drastic failure of system? They have publicized their companies as ideal and certified by every quality organization with regard to Corporate Governance, People Management and Financial Management.
HR is just a support function in any Company and it is the only function which gains confidence of the people and Management through the functioning style of the Head of the department.
How HR has to support the Management in this kind of situation?
The following action plan of HR will be effective while managing employee relations and acting as bridge between employees and Management.
o HR has to be proactive

o HR has to break the ice across the organization

o HR has to mingle with people without any inhibitions

o HR has to be outspoken

o HR has to do Management by Wandering Around (MBWA)

o HR Audit must be done periodically at least once in three months

o All kinds of steps must be taken for regular disbursement of pay and allowances

o Employees must be monitored to settle all financial dealings with the department immediately after returning from official tours and duties

o HR must function in such a manner to make the management understand the importance of Human Resources Department

o HR should always maintain proactive communication channels but not provocative communications styles

o HR must be always assertive and not aggressive

o HR must always inculcate productive interpersonal relations to mange team spirit

o HR has to bring new knowledge to the Company to make the Management understand the importance of training and development of all functions viz general management, Governance policies, financial management, sales and marketing management.

o HR has to take up the challenge of transforming Managers into Leaders

o HR has to strive to maintain emotional balance across the organization, enhance emotional intelligence and manage emotional quotient to create more result oriented and productive atmosphere
So, if HR cannot perform the above duties effectively, what will happen? Human Resources Department will become Humour Resources Department in the eyes of Employees as well as Management.
If the Company is declaring quarterly results without any problem and profit after tax (PAT) is increasing every financial year, that means HR Department is working effectively giving 'peace of mind' to its people and employee relations management, employee engagement are highly effective and productive.
What is 'peace of mind' to employees?
i) Regular disbursement of salaries without fail in coordination with Finance Department and Management.

ii) Regular appraisal of performance from time to time

iii) Rewards and Recognition Policies to motivate employees

iv) Celebrating life taking advantage of occasions such as Birthdays, Marriage Anniversaries and identifying achievers who regularly enhance their skills to enhance their position in the Company.

v) Proactive and positive behavioural patterns of HR will always empower people to speak out their mindset without any mental blocks
Then what is peace of mind to Management? Companies are always confused about the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources Department. HR is not productive and it will not produce any material to show physically to impress Management.
HR's role is like Lord Vishnu, who is one among the Trinity of Gods in Hindu Mythology. Among the Trinity of Gods Lord Brahma is the Creator, Lord Vishnu is the Sustainer and Lord Shiva is the Destroyer.
Lord Vishnu always protects the world from Raakshas i.e. Demons. Whenever, evil is flared up in the Society, Lord Vishnu rescues the righteous people and removes bad people. In the same way, HR department will remove 'the rotten apples' from the 'basket of organisation' to help productive people to become more proactive and result oriented and also to send a message that non-performers and disturbance creators will not be tolerated.
Lord Vishnu is the God of Sustenance. He will always strive to give peace of mind to the people to sustain the development by managing, engaging and enhancing the knowledge of people from time to time.
If the HR department is not a position to make the people feel the importance of their activities, it cannot garner the support of the Management. Every decision with regard to people management must go through the HR department to the people. If Management ignores the support of HR department and does not support HR Department, it will be sending wrong signals to the employees and they will be mismanaged for no fault of theirs. HR must gain respect from the Management and must be respected by one and all and also Management for its solid support to manage and enhance businesses without any kind of disturbance or obstruction.
No organization can sustain the development, if it cannot respect the support of HR department with mutual cooperation, motivation and admiration required from time to time.
In any organization HR must be treated as Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent for long life of the organization and to attract the loyalty of the people.
No Organisation will survive without the support of HR Department. And no HR department will survive without the support of the Management. They must have mutual respect, love, affection and admiration like Husband and Wife.
If this cannot be done effectively, Human Resources Department will become Humour Resources Department in the eyes of Management and Employees. It will become ineffective which may lead to indiscipline among the employees and finally collapse of the organization.

The author is a HRConsultant and Soft Skills Trainer based at Hyderabad and Founder CEO of aimkaam consultrainers.

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